OptumPricer Increases Manufacturers' Profits

OptumPricer sets all product prices at Net Profit levels.

The company’s net profit is at the bottom of its P&L. BUT management can’t calculate any product’s net profit without the ability to allocate companywide costs to it. Pricing a product without knowing its breakeven price is GUESSING.


Do you know if each product you sell is profitable?

No! Gross margin pricing cannot determine net profit.


Can you quickly determine when it’s time to change your prices?

You can with OptumPricer!


How does OptumPricer increase company profits?

By making all product prices & quotations Net Profitable.

At Peterson Steel Company, a 55yr. old steel distributorship, Rudy Zeidler and I tested 25 of our high-volume products and ten new business bids for their Net Profit Vs. their Gross Margin prices.

Our test exposed low Net Profit, high-gross-margin products urgently needing price adjustments. We raised nine product prices and increased company profits by $125,000/month, which went directly to the bottom line and increased cash flow.

Our owner was Wowed, and we immediately converted to Net Profit pricing.

Mark Rickard,CFO of Peterson Steel Corp
Peterson Steel Company

Problem: Manufacturers are missing $10,000s of profit each month because of less than optimal pricing.

OptumPricer sets each product's price profitability by uniquely calculating its breakeven point and net profitable price range.


Faster, Easier, Profitable Pricing

Confidently market and sell profitably priced products and bid on new business opportunities.


Reclaim thousands in profit

Recover product profit erosion due to companywide cost growth and reclaim lost revenue.


Access, Analyze and Strategize

Access our tool 24/7 to analyze your pricing and run what-if scenarios by varying product cost factors.

Your data will always be safe with OptumPricer. Start 30-day Trial

When Rudy Zeidler introduced Net Profit pricing to our coil manufacturing company, our profits and cash flow immediately sprouted.

It was eye-opening to grasp the shortcomings of our Gross Margin pricing. We had never realized the effect of companywide costs on profit. For the first time, we knew each product’s Net Profit.

We cannot imagine returning to Gross margin pricing now that we know our individual product net profits and can easily make net profitable new business bids.

Jim De Reynier,Former owner of Classic Coil Company of Bristol, CT,

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